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تطبيق فوتوشوب اكسبريس | Adobe Photoshop Express Photo Editor Collage Maker v7.1.755 | أندرويد

 تطبيق فوتوشوب اكسبريس | Adobe Photoshop Express Photo Editor Collage Maker v7.1.755 | أندرويد

الان اصبح بإمكانك استخدام الفوتوشوب على هاتف وتعديل وتحسين صورك بكل سهولة مع تطبيق Adobe Photoshop Express

وفى هذه التدوينة اقدم لكم آخر إصدار من التطبيق
Join millions of creative folks who trust and use Adobe Photoshop Express, one of the best photo editor and collage maker on Android for quick, easy and powerful editing on mobile devices.

Photo editor:
• Basics: Crop, straighten, rotate, and flip your photos. Remove red eye and pet eye.
• Auto-Fix: A one-touch adjustment for contrast, exposure, and white balance.
• Blemish removal: With user, friendly one touch, remove spots, dirt, and dust from your photos.

• Corrections: Instantly light up your selfie or photo with slide controls for clarity, contrast, exposure, highlights, shadows, blacks, whites, temperature, tint, sharpen, saturation and vibrance.
• Filters or Looks: A new smart way to turn any photo into artwork – choose from over 80+ preset eye-catching fun styles. You can control intensity of your looks for realistic photo effects.
• Watermark images: Easily add custom text or graphical watermark on images.

• Customization: Create and save your own Looks.
• Photo Frames: Add a distinctive personal touch to your photos with over 15 borders and frames. For a harmonious look, match the border color with the colors in the image.
• Raw photo support: Import and edit photos in raw format.

• Share: Easily share to all your favourite social sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.
• Image resize: Use this option to resize an image before saving.
• JPEG Quality output – Customize the quality and size of your output image.

Collage maker:
• Create a photo collage in seconds with our photo grid feature.
• Choose from a wide variety of grid layouts.
• Pick any photo in the layout, and edit it the way you like with the photo editor.
• Hold, drag and drop to swap photo position, pinch to zoom in or out, or drag the handles to resize.
• Add new image or replace by simple selection.
• Adjust/fix a single image and apply any look.
• Change border thickness and color.
• Print directly from the application

Awesome features:
• One-touch Filters or Looks: Get additional filters for fun, fresh looks!
• Noise Reduction: Minimize unwanted grain and speckling in night photos and low light photos.
• Defog: Reduce fog and haze in photos.
• Perspective Correction – Fix the skewed perspective photos with just a click! Choose from auto (balanced or full auto), vertical, or horizontal correction options.- Access Premium Features when you sign in with an Adobe ID:
• Access these features when you sign in with an Adobe ID

Once you’re done with the photo editor or collage maker, share your finished work directly to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, or your other favorite social networks!

Photoshop Express supports the following file formats:
• Photo: JPG, PNG
• Raw files: arw (SONY), cr2 (CANON), crw (CANON), dng, erf (EPSON), raf (FUJI), 3fr & fff (HASSELBLAD), dcr (KODAK), mrw (KONICA), mos (LEAF), rwl (LEICA), nef & nrw (NIKON), orf (OLYMPUS), rw2 (PANASONIC), pef (PENTAX), srw (SAMSUNG)
• While we aim to provide support for raw files from the latest camera models of most camera manufacturers, we cannot guarantee universal raw support.

• Watermark resize – Have complete control over the size of the watermark on your images. A much requested functionality, humbly delivered!
• Enhanced Vignette – Give your photo a dramatic vignette effect with precise control of roundness and feather.
• New content – New looks and Text styles has been added in the application.
• Bugs and Crash fixes for smooth experience.
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