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كورس اللغة الروسية | Ultimate Russian language course

كورس اللغة الروسية | Ultimate Russian language course

دورة اللغة الروسية الشاملة من البداية للإحتراف

تعلم اللغة الروسية بسهولة وسرعة وبروح الفكاهة

اكتشف المزيد عن الثقافة الروسية وعقلياتها.

تنتمي اللغة الروسية إلى أفضل 10 لغات شعبية في العالم.

هل ستسافر إلى روسيا؟ هل لديك أصدقاء روسيين أو ترغب في مقابلة أصدقاء جدد؟

سوف تساعدك دورة اللغة الروسية هذه.

هنا سوف تتعلم أساسيات اللغة الروسية في وقت قصير للغاية دون أي صداع. لا يوجد إعداد مطلوب!

الكورس كامل مقدم من يوديمى

Ultimate Russian language course: from zero to Hero!
Learn Russian language very easy, fast and with humor 🙂 Discover more about Russian culture and its mentality.

What you’ll learn
– to spell Russian words
– to read and write in Russian
– to introduce yourself in Russian (explain where you are coming from and what you are doing for living)
– to keep up the basic conversation
– to learn more about Russian culture and mentality (not all the stereotypes are true 😊)

– Great mood and readiness to learn
– A little bit of patience (Russian alphabet needs some time)
– Paper and pencil to make some notes
– No preparation or extra knowledge is required

Russian language belongs to the Top 10 of the most popular languages in the world. Are you going to travel to Russia? Do you have Russian friends or would like to meet the new one? This Russian language course will help you.

Here you will learn the basics of Russian language in a very short time without any headache. No preparation is required!

Thus, in the next 9 sections you will learn the following:

• How to handle Russian alphabet and grammar

• How to introduce yourself so that everyone understands you

• How to deal with Numbers

• You will be able to talk about your family and friends

• You will be able to explain what you do for a living

• and what you like doing in your free time

• Finally, you will learn more about stereotypes and Russian culture

In order to deepen what you learn you will receive supporting material, various exercises and tasks for the lessons.

Should you have any questions feel free to contact me any time. I am here to help you.

Besides you have no risk at all because if you do not like the course there is a full 30-day money back guarantee.

Start right now and learn to speak your first Russian words and sentences today

See you soon!

Your Valeria


Who this course is for:
– Everyone who wants to read, write, understand and speak Russian
– Everyone who is interested in Russian language and culture
– Everyone who has a lot of business contacts in Russia
– Everyone who is going to visit Russia
– Everyone who already has a Russian partner 😊

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