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برنامج تحسين جودة الفيديو 2019 | VideoCleaner 5.7

برنامج VideoCleaner هو برنامج فريد من نوعه يهدف إلى مساعدة موظفي إنفاذ القانون أداء واجبات الطب الشرعي

على الرغم من أنه متاح لأي شخص مهتم في استخدامه.

يقوم برنامج تحسين الفيديو بمعالجة الصور الرقمية وتقريباً كافة تنسيقات الفيديو ، بما في ذلك التنسيقات خاصة.

يتضمن واجهة المستخدم تضم كل الأدوات اللازمة مما يسهل العمل على البرنامج

البرنامج مجانى بشكل كامل ولا يحتاج إلى تفعيل

Video Cleaner is an unique program that is designed to help law enforcement personnel perform forensic duties although it is available for anyone interested in using it.

Since it relies on the first program, the application can be accessed via the AvsP app that serves as its interface.

Speaking of UI, the program comes in a rather rugged and arguably confusing package that may deter some of the users with less experience.

Nevertheless, you should bear in mind that the program includes detailed guides,

instructions and even messages on how to get around or what to do next that you can preview in the dedicated log section.

Packs several advanced tools for making images clearer
Despite its not-so-friendly interface, you will be happy to learn that the program includes several impressive functions.

After all, let us not forget that the idea behind the app is to help you make various details in videos and pictures more evident..

An advanced tool that can help process potential evidence files
While initially developed for law enforcement departments solely,

Video Cleaner has become available to the wide public as a transparent open source tool.

Whether you are trying to analyze fuzzy live footage or blurry snapshots captured by your surveillance cameras, the program can lend you a hand.

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